About Us

We are a leading company in the beverages sector, in both Argentina and the region. Our history started more than 80 years ago, and our expertise and background enable us to lead markets in every segment in which we operate.

Our Mission

We seek to amaze consumers with beverage brands offering the most convenient and pleasant experience.

We bring consumers our raison d’être and most valuable asset: our brands. We offer them products that generate delightful moments in the simplest way. With a portfolio of beverages to be enjoyed on various occasions, we bring them a universe of unique sensations, conceived to meet their needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading company in the beverages multi-category in Latin America.

Every day, we work in order to attain the goal of becoming the best choice for our consumers, those of today and also those who will choose us in the future. Our values are the pillars on which our brands build their reputation.

Our iconic Gancia brand, and our Argentinean classics — Amargo Obrero, Pineral, Hesperidina, and Hierro-Quina – Peretti — are all part of the portfolio that enables us to lead the beverages market sector in Argentina.

GRUPO CEPAS joined the world of aperitifs with its iconic brand: Gancia. Decades later, it entered the universe of non-alcoholic beverages with Terma, followed by Tacconi and Tres Torres.

In this way, GRUPO CEPAS expanded its footprint in the sector of beverages with RTD (Ready to Drink) brands: Pronto and Dr. Lemon.

New additions to the portfolio include renowned brands by our partner Bacardí-Martini: Grey Goose, Eristoff and Bombay Sapphire.

Since 2017, GRUPO CEPAS has been distributing and marketing Amarula, a product by Distell.

Beverages proposed by D.A.S.A in partnership with Porta Hermanos comprise brands like 1882, Nikov, and Jamaica.

This turns GRUPO CEPAS into a universe of beverages for all consumers, as a leader in various segments and an essential player in the sector, in different countries of this region.

Industrial Facilities

The company owns industrial facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Production processes are internationally certified, supporting the quality, harmlessness, safety and sustainability of all products. Ranging from the selection of materials, to the time they reach the points of sale, all products are subjected to strict controls to ensure they offer consumers the very best quality.

The production factory located in Buenos Aires is in charge of manufacturing beverages sold in PET or glass bottles, cans, with crown caps, pilfer caps or cork. Products are alcoholic, non-alcoholic, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

GRUPO CEPAS owns a winery in the province of Mendoza, known for the best wines in the region and one of the major wine producers in the world. By carefully selecting the best, the company produces high-quality wines and sparkling wines known as great players in that consumer sector. Grape juice concentrate, also known as mosto, is exported from this location, produced in compliance with the strictest standards.

The distribution center owned by GRUPO CEPAS is able to store and deliver products in great volumes, meeting the national demand levels of all products in our portfolio.

Headquarters - Argentina

(Edificio de la República, Tucumán 1, San Nicolás – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires)
Administrative offices

Offices - Uruguay

(Eduardo Pondal 782 – Montevideo)
Administrative offices and distribution center.

Production Facilities - Chile

(Ureta Cox 595 - San Miguel - Santiago de Chile)
Production of beverages, distribution center.


Production Facilities - Mendoza

(San Isidro Esq. Isaac Estrella - Rivadavia, Provincia de Mendoza)
Production of concentrated grape juice, wines, sparkling wines.

Certificates: FSSC22000: (V5.0, ISO 45001, Sustainable winery in accordance with Argentinean Wineries Protocol. Organic, Vegan or Halal-Certified product line.

Production Facilities - Burzaco

(Arduín Darío Barbieri 2650 – Burzaco, Provincia de Buenos Aires)
Production of beverages, distribution center.

Certificates: FSSC 22000:V5.1. FDA exporters permit, Vegan, gluten-free, Kosher product line.