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Carlo Gancia arrives in Argentina

Carlo Gancia, the General Manager of Fratelli Gancia (Italy) arrives in Argentina with the purpose of exploring the market and further expanding his successful company.


Americano Gancia is first produced and distributed in Argentina

The product became the absolute leader in the world of aperitifs, a unique name of reference in the segment of alcoholic beverages. To this date, Gancia continues to be a brand of reference and relevance in Argentina, in sectors like Marketing, Consumer, and Advertising.

Afiche Vermouth Gancia
Afiche Vermouth Gancia

1946 / 1960

SAVA SR starts to operate

Camilo Gancia was Carlo’s nephew, and in charge of continuing in the family tradition. He settled in Argentina in order to share his know-how and expertise with SAVA ST, the company that at that time marketed the very first products by the Gancia brand. With time, new products were developed and offered to new consumers with bold and innovative strategies that were unheard of back then. The company sets its address in Buenos Aires.

1970 / 1980

A time of expansion, when Martini is marketed in Argentina.

In the mid-‘80s GRUPO CEPAS acquires Terma, the name known as a leader in non-alcoholic, herb-based beverages. The brand evolved as it first identified Terma Serrano as a herb-based beverage, giving way to additional flavors later on.

Terma Logo Martini Logo


A new beverage category is created.

With the launch of Pronto, GRUPO CEPAS introduces the first Ready to Drink (RTD) cooler in the Argentine market after years of innovation.

Grupo Cepas enters the grape must business.

Simultaneously with this new proposition, the company enters the concentrated grape juice business, where it remains one of the leading global players today. Its involvement in this segment makes it one of the main suppliers of raw materials to the world's most renowned beverage producers.


Bacardi is added to the portfolio

In the mid-90s, GRUPO CEPAS began the commercialization of the Bacardí portfolio Bacardí (Bacardí, Martini, Bombay, Grey Goose, St. Germain).


Grupo Cepas lanza Dr. Lemon consolidando la categoría de listos para tomar

La compañía amplía la línea de coolers RTD con el lanzamiento de Dr. Lemon consolidando la categoría RTD. Con el paso de los años Dr. Lemon presentará una variedad de sabores y diferentes innovaciones que lo convertirán en el líder del mercado con más del 80% del share.

2010 / 2011

Expansion, production, marketing

Wine commercialization

GRUPO CEPAS acquires Viniterra winery, a reference in the boutique winery concept and a symbol of innovation and quality in wine development. GRUPO CEPAS forms a strategic alliance with Porta Hermanos to create a new company: Destilados Argentinos SA. In 2011, it expands its participation in the world of wine by acquiring CASA Orfila winery, a leading company in the production and sale of Argentine wines. This generates a new projection for expansion through new investments, development, and innovation.

Distilled spirits commercialization

The main objective of this merger is to add GRUPO CEPAS' capacity and expertise in the high-grade market and distilled products. The brands involved in this alliance are Fernet 1882 and Vodka Nikov.


Gancia celebrates 80 years in Argentina

becoming the number one aperitif in the market.

Gancia 80 años


With Gancia as the main player in the category, GRUPO CEPAS decided to make a bet, expand its portfolio, and add a new aperitif with the acquisition of Pineral from Compañía Licores Argentinos.


Expansion and commercialization process of Amarula in the country

Since 2017, GRUPO CEPAS has been doing the same with the company Distell for its product Amarula.

Expansion of GRUPO CEPAS to Chile and Uruguay

In that same year, a key milestone was achieved in the history of GRUPO CEPAS: the incorporation of production plants and offices in Chile and Uruguay, landing with a powerful portfolio of its own beverages and strategic partners. This paves the way for their international expansion plan.



With the acquisition of Hesperidina, GRUPO CEPAS consolidates its portfolio of aperitifs. Made with bitter orange extract, it is the first original Argentine aperitif.


Gancia’s 170th anniversary.

Carlo Gancia was the key player in this long history, as he studied how to produce alcoholic beverages and combined his knowledge with a passion for his homeland and its traditions. He always paid homage to his culture, and made his own way around the world, placing his stakes on Italy and Argentina. A true pioneer who created a revolution in this industry sector with his Italian sparkling wine – the first one outside of France – and the creation of the iconic Fratelli Gancia.

Gancia 170 años

Carlsberg beer is added to the portfolio of Grupo Cepas.

GRUPO CEPAS further expands its portfolio with the addition of Carlsberg, a pilsner-type lager beer, making it the first beverage of this style to be marketed by the company.


Development of the first 100% local Hard Seltzer.

In line with international trends, the company develops Meet, the first 100% locally produced Hard Seltzer. This new option, ideal for consumption at any time of the day, pioneers the segment in Argentina.


Gancia presents the "perfect match": Gancia with Lime + Lemon.

Gancia introduces its classic Americano cocktail, Gancia with Lime and Lemon, now available in a can, perfectly measured for immediate enjoyment. These products have the particularity of being ideal for various occasions and become perfect allies for enjoying them in good company.


Launch of Gancia Hibiscus.

Gancia continues to innovate and update its products to new trends, giving rise to a new flavor: Gancia Hibiscus. A new aperitif made from Hibiscus flower, with an exclusive formula that combines the spicy notes of cinnamon, herbs, flowers, and elderberry, resulting in a pink drink with a bright tone and exceptional flavor.

GRUPO CEPAS agrees to distribute and commercialize Fever Tree.

In 2022, GRUPO CEPAS agrees to distribute and commercialize Fever Tree premium tonic waters in Argentina.

Dr. Lemon presents a new image.

With over 20 years in the market, Dr. Lemon unveils its completely revamped image, including its logo, typography, and the most vibrant and eye-catching tones for its packaging. Aligned with a fresher and younger identity.

GRUPO CEPAS starts its operations and development in Paraguay.