Around the World

GRUPO CEPAS produces and markets products in various countries around the world, with a footprint in five continents.

The successful background of GRUPO CEPAS in Argentina moved the company to focus on further expansion and foreign trade. The company’s expansion plan contributes to expanding its footprint around the region and the world. As a leader in concentrated grape fruit markets, the company plays a major role internationally, with products reaching Canada, Puerto Rico, China, Arab Emirates, Spain, Germany, Thailand, in addition to countries in our region including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate)

Comercialización de Productos

USA: WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate), Wines (still and sparkling), Aperitifs

Canada: WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate), Wines (still), Aperitifs, Terma

Maxico: WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate).

Brasil: Wines (still and sparkling), Aperitifs

Colombia: WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate).

Peru: WGJC, Wines (still and sparkling), RTDs

Ecuador: Wines (still and sparkling)

Bolivia: Vinos (tranquilos y espumantes), Aperitivos y Fernet

Chile: WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate).

UK: Wines (still)

Japan: WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate), Wines (still)

Tailandia: Aperitifs

Hong Kong: WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate), Wines (still)

China: WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate), Wines (still)

Spain: Wines (still), Aperitifs, Terma

Australia: Wines (still)

Some of the products we market are grouped by country, depending on market demand research.

WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate)

WGJC (Grape Juice Concentrate) is marketed in the US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Japan, Hong Kong, and China.


Aperitifs are exported to the US, Brazil, Bolivia (Fernet is also exported), Thailand, and Spain.


There are two sub-categories: still wines, and sparkling wines

Wine is exported to the US, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Still wines are shipped to Canada, the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Spain, and Australia.


Terma is the brand exported to the US, Canada, and Spain.


The only country in which RTDs are distributed is Peru